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Work with me

I am a passionate coach and
a mentor for Successful Change,
how to create miracles and
make possible the impossible.

I support you on your path to
more freedom, joy and fulfillment
while you actively create the life you desire.

My biggest gift is perceiving unobvious connections
and unexpected possibilities.

This aids you to find the Golden Thread
connecting all aspects of your personal life and work life.

With psychic perception and many
highly effective techniques I guide you safely
to deeper and sometimes darker aspects
that now can be healed.

You go beyond the scope of
what you have known and considered possible.

You transcend the blockages holding you back,
release old fears and heal your wounded heart and psyche.

You gain a new and broader point of view.
You then have the opportunity
to use everything you experience to grow and change
which boosts your ability to solve your own problems.

You are free to reconnect with your true purpose,
live from your heart and walk a new path
in your personal life and work life.

We quickly get to the sticking point and
find your creative transformative change.

Take advantage and use a crisis as stepping stone
to create your heart's desire
or even better
don't wait for it and act NOW!



  Do you sometimes feel you have too many challenges at the same time? Don't worry, it only appears to be so.  You simply need a different point of view and a structure to find your solutions.


  It takes about 21-28 days to learn something new and to completely dissolve the old pattern.
During this time you gain the momentum to carry on.

  Using this momentum is like riding a wave.
You get ahead in unexpected ways and are able to create something new.

  Use the momentum of a 4-12 week coaching to walk focused,
self-motivated and by your own strength on a new path - your path with heart and soul.


  In times of change uncertainty arises. During your coaching I am at your side to assist you to gain clarity, set boundaries and act from your center.

  As a catalyst I hold space for your change to take place so you can perceive and use the energetic dynamics.

  You get the directory to safely navigate uncharted territories.
You reclaim the driver's seat on your life's journey, regain joy and freedom.

  You get a specific action plan and consider with each step your own needs and the needs of others.


  My clients are international and in various time zones.
My working hours are unconventional:
morning - evening - weekends - holidays - as it suits you and me

  On request the session can be recorded and you can download
the mp3 file. This has proved to be very helpful.
At a later time you gain a deeper understanding and no longer are
surrounded by the emotional fog of the initial situation.

  Consultations usually take place by phone, Zoom or Skype.
This saves time and travel expenses and you can chose the right space for our session. On receipt of payment we will start


  You have an urgent issue, are in a crisis or need quick support?
Contact me on Telegram or send me an email and we will find your solution.


What is your challenge?
What is your heart felt desire?

During your free 30 minute clarity call
we discuss your options and decide how to work together.

Schedule your call now

Mobile / Telegram
+49 - (0)162 327 57 49


Looking forward to working with you


Prices - balancing giving and receiving



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