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Balancing giving and receiving

There is no absolute value - value is always relative
My work is priceless -  my work is good value for money


What value has it for you

  to find the crucial point of your challenge?

  to find solutions and possibilities giving you freedom, joy and fulfillment?

  to have a mentor at your side, guiding you safely through uncharted territory, to reach your heart based desires?


In my work I do not exchange time for money.  I support you within a certain time frame to achieve certain results.

My price takes your situation into consideration:
you are employed - unemployed - self-employed - on your path to self-employment - in a reorientation of your self-employment.



You are pondering if you can afford my mentoring?
Can you afford to continue doing as before or would you like
to take off now?

Here is my suggestion to you:  treat yourself to working with me.
It is an
investment into yourself and your personal development.
It boosts you in many aspects of your life at the same time.
Unfold your True Potential now!


  We turn your wishes and dreams into clear objectives

  You get a compass and an action plan

  You unfold your passion for your project

  That gives you the energy and the dynamics for fulfillment


I support you to take off successfully now

No matter what you do, think of yourself as an entrepreneur.
  Take the necessary steps to realize now what fulfills you.


Are you ready to take your QuantumLeap?

During your free 30 minute clarity call
we discuss your options and decide how to work together.

Schedule your call now

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+49 - (0)162 327 57 49



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