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The Path to Freedom and Fulfillment

Bring your life into a nutshell and
onto the next level


You have

  heart felt wishes and desires

  not yet reached all your goals and want to take off now

You want

  a life with meaning and purpose

  to transcend repeating patterns and situations

  to free yourself from difficult situations:
      work - relationships - family - unhealthy habits - money

You are

  open - curious - ready for your QuantumLeap


I am a mentor for Successful Change, how to create miracles and make possible the impossible.

The result of my work as QuantumLeap Facilitator is more
freedom, joy and fulfillment.

I support you to come into your center and power and get back there very quickly. 

From within you find in a playful way your answers and solutions in any aspect of life.

Successful Change Now!  How to

My biggest gift is perceiving unobvious connections and unexpected possibilities.

This aids you to find the Golden Thread connecting all aspects of
your personal life and your work life.

We undo the knots, create clarity and openings for your direct path to
more freedom, joy and fulfillment.

This is your QuantumLeap bringing you to the next level of your life.


  It is like the center of the hurricane - the quiet space in the middle
of all the turmoil.

  More freedom and ease - more time and energy
to do what you love to do, what gives you joy and fulfillment.


There is this tiny voice inside
that keeps reminding you
where really your heart is
what you love doing and what
you would like to make a living with.


You have a feeling but no clear picture?
Your vision is bigger than
the current version of yourself can imagine

Make possible the impossible and allow miracles!


You are unique
Your are a gift to this world
and to remind your of this
is a little inspiration for you



Your are tired of

  having no time, no energy, no joy and no real fulfillment

  finding yourself again and again in similar patterns and situations

  your work input and your income not being balanced

  stagnating in your life


Your are ready

  to tackle the underlying cause and make sure it is cleared for good

  to follow your inner calling and to live what fulfills you

  to take your QuantumLeap to the next level


The key to success and fulfillment is conscious action
an open mind and the willingness to try something different.

Persistent inner work helps you to perceive the stumbling blocks and
sticky points in order to overcome obstacles.

Inner and outer resistance is not an obstacle,
it only indicates you are leaving your comfort zone.
This is the very moment transformation is possible
and perseverance will lead you to your goal.


Whatever you do in your life
do it with love and joy will emerge.

When you do what you do not love
it deteriorates your wellbeing and health
and will kill your soul.

When you realign yourself or
build your business make sure you love it.

When you do something because it is guaranteed or safe
when you do something just because of the money
it will not work well and fail eventually.

When you are ready to do the exceptional
you will achieve the extraordinary and
find joy and fulfillment.

Being ready is not a point in time
Being ready is a decision


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