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About me

As long as I can remember
I am searching and learn more and more
about the many aspects of our beingness.

About a quarter of a century ago I started my quest
that was leading to my deeper and deeper understanding
of the whole and my purpose in life.

The path of my life was full of challenges
and the recurrent theme is change.
Sudden and unexpected change to be precise
so I became an experienced master of the art of change
and how to create the apparently impossible.

I have learned that there always is one more option,
not to accept no as an answer and
to find the best possible solution.

This solution often is very different
from what our linear mind can imagine,
our ego fantasizes about or
our negative ego worries about.

Each life has a script, a purpose, a goal
and a driving force.
One of these forces in my life is known as Ganesha
the lord of obstacles, new beginnings and  success.

Obstacles serve us to pause,
become aware of something and adjust our course.
This can lead to new beginnings
that lead to success and fulfillment.

My path has led me to many places,
activities and occupations.
With a broad foundation of knowledge and skills
making possible a normal life in the western world
I walked - unnoticed by myself or others -
the path of the yogi.

The path of the yogi has four key aspects
the last of which is inspiration
the main theme is transformation.

The name Puanani came to me when I had completed a big issue
and embarked with LightWaveSynergy upon the journey of SelfRealization.

- realizing your self -
is a deep and fulfilling journey.


Why I do what I do

I am a traveler through this place
in time and space
sharing of my knowledge, skills and wisdom.

I am here to remind you of who you really are
and how to take good care of yourself.

I am here to inspire you to open unto your true self
to find true guidance and fulfillment.

I am here to help you to heal
your wounded heart and psyche.

I am here to aid you in restoring
your wellbeing and health of your physical form.

I am here to remind you that your body
is not only the temple of your soul.
It is the vessel that makes possible this life of yours.

I am here to show you many simple ways and means
to purify and heal your body and mind
to make sure you are or become
healthy, happy and fulfilled.

I am here to soothe your busy mind and bring it back
to its true purpose which is serving you
and no longer directing you.

I am here to teach you the art of communication, listening
and conscious awareness.

I am here to reconnect you with your FLOW
in order to let go and surrender
unto your life stream.

I am the catalyst and I hold space
for your magical journey of deep and lasting change.

Aspects of my work

QuantumLeap Facilitator
Unfold your True Potential and find fulfillment

Healer of the Heart
Self love and forgiveness cause miracles

Medicine Woman
What does it take to heal and be whole


I am happy to guide you on your journey to
more joy, freedom and fulfillment.




Find your Crucial Point



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