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Certificate from the Universe

You are unique

You are a gift to this world

You are amazing the way you are

Be simply yourself

That is all you need to do


I let my light shine

I no longer hide my light under a bushel

 I am what I am

 I am my own special creation

 I am amazing

 I am a gift to this world

 I let my Light shine!!



Do you know that you are unique and amazing?

Sometimes you do and sometimes not at all?


On a day like this it can be very helpful

to have a written confirmation

and if this is a certificate

then all doubts are cleared away


Here is my gift to you:

Your very personal gift from the Universe



Now you have an argument
that renders your Inner Critic and its buddies speechless!

Who would disagree with the Universe??



You can put it as a motivation onto your desktop

or you can carry it with you on your mobile phone

in case you need a reminder


If you wish you can surprise your loved ones or friends

with a special gift

Just send me an email




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