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I bring Magic into my Life

The slightly different calendar for your magical 2019


Photography is one of my passions being inspired by my father who himself stopped at each "blade of grass" to take a picture.

One of my gifts is perceiving the unobvious, which is very helpful in my work.
The unobvious and its beauty that surround us in this hectic world, go often unperceived and are captured in my photographs taken accidentally and casually in everyday life.

I am not searching for the motifs - the motifs find me and ask me to take a picture.  How does that work?  Walking down my path I suddenly stop not knowing why.  I look around and perceive what is to be seen and capture it.

For a while my photographs were available as posters.  With all the possibilities we have with our computers text was added to the pictures.  Many of these pictures are on my Facebook pages and I got the request to create a calendar.

Tadaa, here is my calendar!  With the large number of motifs I was not able to pick only 12, that is why it happens to be 24 and you have more than one option each month.

Calendar 2019

Have fun and inspiration



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