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QuantumLeap NetWork
is an international group
of open minded people of all walks of life,
dedicated to growth, evolution and
transformation in their own lives
and guiding those on a similar path
that now are in need of support.


Symptoms - Phenomena - Solutions


Since about July 2016 myself and many others encountered various strange symptoms and phenomena in all walks of life and age groups.
In our own processes - working with clients - with family - friends - acquaintances - neighbors - co-workers - people we meet in every day life.

These symptoms and phenomena affect many people worldwide.  It is not possible to push them aside with logical reasoning - they are simply too strange and illogical. 

They cannot be ignored as those affected are impaired in their physical and emotional wellbeing and often are no longer able to function well. 

It also is something not readily shared - it feels strange and sometimes awkward.

Many of those affected are for many years on a very conscious path and carefully observe themselves, their lives and the world around them.  This makes all of this even more incomprehensible and we started to share, looking for explanations and solutions.

Fortunately the symptoms and phenomena are not permanent.
They come out of the blue and suddenly disappear. 

We found methods and techniques to deal with acute situations. 
For a number of things there is permanent solutions while others still are beyond comprehension.

The following descriptions might sound strange.  It is not easy to describe something that contradicts all your previous experiences and reasoning.


Physical symptoms and phenomena

  Vibrating of the cells, sometimes referred to as shaking or trembling which is not quite accurate.  Sometimes the whole body or only certain areas, not always the same, sometimes with an 'electrical' undercurrent

  Heart palpitations / heart skips a beat and the next one feels like a giant leap

  Feeling tired out of the blue
not able to function and strong desire to sleep

  The consciousness is being pulled out of the body
and it is difficult to stay in the here and now and the body

  Hands turn cold and feel like numb (cold and pale)

   Strange numb feeling underneath the soles of the feet

  Sometimes problems to walk straight

  Problems with falling asleep and/or sleeping through

  Many are more often nervous, irritated, aggressive



  Dizziness above the head - also in front, at the back or at the side of the head

  Dizziness in the eyes

  Whole-body dizziness


Problems with speaking
(out of the blue and disappear relatively rapidly)

  Difficulties to speak at all

  Not able to speak a proper sentence

  Speaking like drunk

  In the middle of the sentence not knowing how to continue

  and some more difficulties


Driving / being out and about on the street

  It is amazing how many drivers are not able to stay in their lane without even noticing

  Experienced and conscious drivers at times have difficulties to stay in their lane without being forced to the left or right

  Out of the blue suddenly a car appears even though the traffic had been watched carefully


Anxiety and panic attacks

Even very conscious people are suddenly run over and often paralyzed. 
By themselves they struggle to get out of this and often are not able to.


Time is running faster and faster


  Deadlines cannot be met - agreements are broken

  A sense of being driven - situation got you swimming

  Structures dissolve


These are some of the most frequent symptoms and phenomena.

We are looking forward to your feedback, questions and
those resonant with this issue interested in sharing.

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